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Welcome. This site has been set up as a demo/help site for web users of WebPlus, from X2 and onwards, although earlier versions may benefit. Because of other commitments I was unable to work with X7 but I’m working hard looking through X8.

I have updated this site with X8 and apart from a few things with hyperlinks using lytebox most seem to have transferred with only a little adjustment here and there.

I have been using WebPlus icons since version 9 and have seen a vast improvement in the tools that are available to the web designer within this package.

With the release of X2 at the beginning of 2008, X4 at the end of 2009, X5 mid 2011 and X6 mid 2012 we saw an improvement each update. Some of the best improvements we have seen over the year had been added but with the release of X6. The next  major update came with X7 when output was now HTML 5 fonts and with other improvements all being improved upon with the release of X8 in November 2014. I will be going through and adding tutorial pages over time for X8.

X5 upgrades - X5 Tutorials and YouTube video’s found HERE

X6 upgrades - X6 Tutorials HERE and YouTube video’s have been added HERE.

Quick Build Tab, Sliders and Banners, Mobile sites, Social network widgets, asset browser and manager, new designs and graphics, updated workspace, improved SEO and webmaster tools, live feed photo galleries.

New  X8 upgrade

Updated Slider studio, Site membership controls, Task monitor are just a few.

Enjoy the X8 upgrades, these will make your sites looking replica watches more professional and I’m sure make you feel good.

If you need any help just drop me a line and I’ll help if I can.

What you will find in this site

There are some tutorials on things that can be done/added to WebPlus. I will try to include .wpp files

where possible but will indicate what version the demo is for by the use of these symbols. Although all can be added to any version.

My main aim is to show, through questions on the forum, replica louboutin men what certain things look like onscreen, to visualise them in action and how to get them working.

When you first start to use WebPlus there is a lot of functionality within the product to keep you amused for some time but you will come to a point in your development when you may start saying “ I wish I could do this or do that”. For your first point of call I would recommend using the well respected users of the Serif forum where you will get a quick and full response from the regular members.

On the other hand you may be wishing to accomplish something that is just not feasible with the tools within WebPlus. One site I would recommend looking into is DynamicDrive which provides free, original DHTML & Javascripts to enhance your web site.

Enjoy using WebPlus and don’t be afraid of asking for help from the forum members or myself.


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If you enjoyed using this WebPlus resource site you may like to help in it’s upkeep by making a donation.  Thank you.

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WebPlus X8




WebPlus Discontinued

News that we have had this week, 15 March 2016, is that WebPlus X8 will be the last website software that Serif will be producing.

Very bad news for us who use and love this software.

You may have received an email from Serif, if you have purchased any of their software over the last few years. If you want to see the email click HERE

Not only is Serif stopping WebPlus but it’s stopping all it’s Plus range of software and concentrating on their Affinity Range for Macs which they are porting over to Windows.

Support for the Plus range will continue here and on the

Serif forum.